Thornton construction has commenced

Hutchinson builders have commenced construction of Thornton, Brisbane’s most exclusive full-floor residences at Kangaroo Point on the Brisbane River.

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

Thornton will deliver its new residents a front row seat to the very best of Brisbane and unrivalled connectivity. The new Kangaroo Point Pedestrian Bridge, a striking city making green bridge linking Kangaroo Point to the CBD, will start construction later this year and will be complete in 2023.

Thornton is a unique creative collaboration between four true masters of their craft: Architect Liam Proberts, internationally renowned for his subtropical residential designs; Chef & Restaurateur Thierry Galichet, whose years of culinary magic have informed the design of Thornton’s kitchen spaces; Gallerist & Curator Phillip Bacon AM, whose insight into displaying art to its true potential has shaped each residence’s gallery space and Ralph Wilson whose artwork will grace Thornton’s lobby.