Awarded architect Liam Proberts reveals the inspiration behind the Newstead Series

The foundation of the boutique Newstead Series is its unique architecture and generous ‘give-back’ to residents to create a thriving residential community.

Managing director of bureau^proberts, Liam Proberts, said it was critical that each of the boutique buildings had its own identity whilst together forming the Newstead Series.

“We really believe that a sense of identity and character is important. Your identity is a part of the way that you want to live, so we like to design buildings that people feel they can associate with”, he said.

“We like to imagine ourselves in the apartment, and we like to design things that we’d like to live in ourselves.”

bureau^proberts is a leading architectural practise that has delivered a multitude of awarded urban renewal projects nationally and internationally,and continue to provide innovative solutions for living in subtropical cities.

The Newstead Series comprises four boutique buildings – The Carlyle, The Donaldson, The Ajax and The Koerstz – which were named after Australia’s famous wool presses.

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